The Good Guys

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I’m writing today announce my latest and most ambitious rock n roll project called The Good Guys. We are planning to release this album by the end of 2019 and recording for this has gotten underway at Paul Smith’s state-of-the-art Eight Days a Week recording studio in Northumberland, PA.

In fact, I celebrated my 50th birthday last week by doing an incredibly productive recording session with Paul along with drummer Ron Simasek, vocalist Mycenea Worley, guitarist Phil Brosius, multi-instrumentalist Bret Alexander and my son, audio engineer Jake Albano. Some of you may know Phil from his extensive work with many local bands and Mycenea, an award winning singer-songwriter and current member of the group The Pleiades. You may also remember Bret, Paul and Ron as long time members of the internationally acclaimed rock group The Badlees and current members of the rock group Gentlemen East. So I am incredibly humbled to have this posse of top-notch musicians and production team with over a century of combined experience at all levels of the music industry.

The Good Guys will be the fourth overall album of original music under the name Sinclair Soul. The Journey was completed in early 2017 and released in June of that year, last winter we recorded a second album Reflections of Relevance (released this past March), and over the summer we produced and released the third album, Nine Fine Lines. This new album will feature quality songs of an interpersonal nature with topics ranging from the serious and somber to the joyful and fun. I’ve written these songs over the past year and have been performing them acoustically throughout 2018 and now, with the addition of the quality musicians and vocalists, these songs will grow sonically to include entertaining and rewarding elements of vast musical genres such as blues, folk, country, jazz, and of course, rock n roll.

You can read more on The Good Guys project at

All of the previous work I’ve done has been 100% self funded, but with this new and ambitious The Good Guys project, I have launched my first ever crowd funding campaign through Patreon. With this, I’m asking for a very modest monthly contribution in exchange for exclusive content that is not available anywhere else. I’ve set up three basic tiers with each progressively giving access to more exclusive content.

The most modest $3 “Tin” tier includes an archived video of live performances of songs not seen before on video, many of which are cover tunes of songs I may have only performed once or twice, so these are fun little gems.

The middle tier is “Copper” at $5 per month and includes the aforementioned video series plus a second video series of special, storytelling and behind-the-scenes videos as we make this new music and/or reflect back on previous original songs.
The current top tier is “Bronze” at $7 per month and the level at which I encourage you to contribute. This includes the previous two video series along with digital copies of the first three Sinclair Soul albums. Starting in January 2019, these will be released one per month to Bronze level patrons and, along with the music, will include additional digital material such as artwork and promos.

If you are interested in becoming a patron, or simply exploring more on this campaign, please click here.

As part of December’s exclusive content, I’ve included a video of a song unlike any I have written before – a Christmas song. To view this, please sign up today as a Copper or Bronze patron. You can also hear me play this song, along with several traditional holiday tunes, this coming Friday night (December 21st) during my annual Sinclair Soul Christmas show at Cornerstone Coffeehouse in Camp Hill, PA from 7:30-9:30 pm. I hope to see some of you there.

Thank you for your time and consideration and have a very Merry Christmas.

The Evolution of Noise  by Wahray & Soul

The Evolution of Noise by Wahray and SoulReleased on November 17, 2011

The analog recording process has all gone the way of the horse and buggy, so it may be a good time to reflect back on this recently past age. With this realization, producer Ric Albano has decided to finally release the many semi-professional, analog recordings he made close to a quarter century ago with The Evolution of Noise, 1987-1995 by Wahray and Soul.

These recordings of original songs were all made in an attic “studio”, on a Fostex 4-track cassette recorder. There is alot of trial and error, experimentation, and development of technical proficiancy along the way.

Part I: The 1980s Written   Recorded
 1.   I Think I’m Losing My Brain     04/10/87 Spring 1990
 2.   Can’t Get Back 06/19/87 Spring 1990
 3.   A Lot of These Things 07/21/88 July 1988
 4.   Speak to Me 11/18/88 November 1988
 5.   The Deer With the Golden Eye 11/20/88 Nov 1988/Spring 1990
 6.   Free 12/13/88 December 1988
 7.   Someday     12/16/88 Dec 1988/Spring 1990
 8.   Springtime 01/07/89 Jan 1989/Spring 1990
 9.   Dark Side Suite 02/11/89 Feb-March 1989
10.   Loneliness 02/13/89 February 1989
11.   Discouragement 02/22/89 Feb-March 1989
12.   Diamond Ships 05/24/89 May 1989
13.   Blue Flowers & Beige Towers     06/04/89 June-July 1989
14.   Dry Water 08/05/89 August 1989
15.   Get Together 08/20/89 August 1989
16.   The Telephone 10/11/89 October 1989
17.   I Need Her Bad 10/12/89 October 1989
18.   Disagree 10/13/89 October 1989
19.   You’ve Got to Abide By the Rules…
     …if You Want to Play
11/02/89 November 1989
Part II: The 1990s Written   Recorded
 1.   Wilderness 05/25/90 May 1990
 2.   Best Shot 05/27/90 May-June 1990
 3.   It’s Hip To Live In Disgrace 08/06/90 August-September 1990
 4.   What Comes Around, Goes Around 09/22/90 September-October 1990
 5.   Pressure 12/05/90 December 1990
 6.   Jennifer 01/17/91 January-February 1991
 7.   Ballad of a Big Breasted Bimbo 04/06/91 Apr 1991/Nov 1993
 8.   You Drive Me Mad 07/25/91 July-August 1991
 9.   King Of the Hill 09/27/91 September-October 1991
10.   Mixed Signals 10/02/91 October 1991
11.   Wild Child 10/05/91 October 1991
12.   A Shock To the System 10/09/91 October 1991
13.   Everything I Forgot 12/26/91 December 1991
14.   Run 01/06/92 January 1992/November 1993
15.   Don’t Look Back 02/22/93 February-March 1993
16.   The Difference Between 03/09/95 March-April 1995
17.   Whenever I’m Near You 04/14/95 April-May 1995
18.   Used To Be 05/06/95 August 1991/May 1995
19.   The French Toast Affair 06/24/95 June-July 1995
20.   Take It As It Comes 07/07/95 July 1995

Animal Society I

Animal Society (Debut Album)Completed on December 10, 2010

These recordings of original songs were made at Saturation Acres and Cygnus Wave studios in 2010. The original intent was to release an album called Any Atomic Lies in late 2010, but disagreements ensued and the project was halted before publication.

Below are the mixes of the Animal Society songs as they were in December 2010, presented as an eponymous “album”.

Track   Composer(s)  Length
 1.   California     Ric Albano, Erik Trabert, Matt Roy  5:32
 2.   Vieux Carre Ric Albano  2:43
 3.   Gnarled Visions Erik Trabet  1:12*
 4.   Say No More Ric Albano, Animal Society  3:48*
 5.   Emily In Her Day Ric Albano, Animal Society  7:10
 6.   Sol’s Lament Erik Trabert  0:50
 7.   Love, Crime, & Paradigm Ric Albano, Erik Trabert, Matt Roy  5:04
 8.   The Lion Ric Albano  5:21
 9.   Matt’s Hatt Matt Roy, Erik Trabert, Ric Albano  3:09
10.   Change You Can Believe In Matt Roy, Animal Society  4:50

  * The songs “Gnarled Visions” and “Say No More” are combined as one digital track with a length of 5:00 even.

Produced by Ric Albano
Engineered by Bret Alexander and Ric Albano


Dollars for Diane Compilation

Dollars for Diane CompilationSome of Pennsylvania’s finest artists have come together to donate their talents in support of Diane Kovaleski, a young woman from Wilkes-Barre, who suffered a major stroke during a routine surgery in 2007. All songs included on this 15-track CD are original compositions by artists from the Keystone State.

The CD gets kickin’ with the upbeat, roots-rock of Shawn Z’s “One End of the Candle” followed by the more somber, Bowie-esque “To the Dogs” by Stoney Creek. Pittsburgh’s Brad Yoder provides an excellent acoustic guitar and banjo folk blend with the hopeful, uplifting “Any Day”. Mycenea Worley next lends her fantastic talent with the song “Low” followed by hard rock sensations Pan.a.ce.a with their catchy hit “Stay”.

Some of the mid-state’s most popular acts then follow. Tripp McNeely provides some cool groove with their aptly title “Off & Running”, the legendary Darcie Miner gives her unmistakable voice to “Wide Awake in Silence”, while HotWingJones show how they’ve expanded their horizons with the intense new song “The Big Sea”. “Deuce” is a fun jam by Imaginary Lines that trades synth and guitar leads, while new wave legends Hormoans provide a rebellious anthem with “Not One of You”.

The only “live” song on the compilation is the flawless rendition of “Deeper” by Rhyne McCormick from his Capitol Theatre perfomance last year. This is followed by the well-produced and catchy “Atmosphere” by father-and-son tandem Craig & Alex Bannon and the intense “Judgement Eyes” by the acoustic-driven trio Ron Fleeger & the Stranger.

The album’s focal point is “Song for Diane”, which personalizes Diane’s situation. Written especially for this compilation by Ric Albano, the song was produced by Bret Alexander (who actually produced several of the songs on this CD) and performed by Diane’s cousin PJ Heckman.
Folk sensation Hannah Bingman caps off the album with “Finished, Fine’, Done”, a perfect closer in both title and mood.

All in all, the CD is an ecclectic mix that explores the diverse talent of Pennsylvania artists without straying so far as to not be accessible and pleasant to most music lovers, no matter what genre he or she may favor. The Dollars for Diane Compilation is being sold independently with proceeds going to The University of Pennsylvania Center for Brain Injury and Repair as well as a scholarship fund for Diane’s daughter, Zayda. At only $5.00 each (that’s only 33 cents per song!), this is not only a charitable contribution but a great value as well.

Song   Artist   Album  Year
 1.   One End Of the Candle     Shawn Z St. Jude Avenue  2008
 2.   To The Dogs     Stoney Creek  2008
 3.   Any Day Brad Yoder Someday Or Never  2006
 4.   Low Mycenea Worley Love  2009
 5.   Stay pan.a.ce.a We The Broken  2009
 6.   Off and Running Tripp McNeely Songs From Mike’s Basement  2009
 7.   Wide Awake In Silence Darcie Miner Loneliness Anonymous  2009
 8.   The Big Sea HotWingJones Tanker A  2009
 9.   Deuce Imaginary Lines Imaginary Lines 33  2009
10.   Not One of You Hormoans Not One of You  1981
11.   Deeper Rhyne McCormick Live At the Capitol Theatre  2009
12.   Atmosphere Craig & Alex Bannon 112 Beats Per Minute  2010
13.   Judgement Eyes Ron Fleeger & the Stranger Lucky 7  2009
14.   Song For Diane P.J. Heckman Dollars For Diane  2010
15.   Finished Fine’ Done Hannah Bingman Right, Right Now  2005

Imaginary Lines 33

Imaginary Lines 33Released on September 9, 2009

Imaginary Lines 33 is a compilation album which is actually three albums in one. It includes the entirity of two previous releases, Imaginary Lines I in 2005 and Imaginary Lines II in 2007, plus several new and previously unreleased tracks. In all, its 33 songs have a combined running time of nearly two and a half hours.

This album came together when the project’s producer, Ric Albano, decided to abandon the originally-planned “trilogy” of albums because he did not feel there was enough quality material to make an adeguate Imaginary Lines III. Instead the focus shifted to enhancing previously released material and developing the better songs of the unreleased music.

Disc One Writer(s) Previously Composed
 1. Crimson, White, & Indigo     Ric Albano Unreleased 02/03/06
 2. Sister Josephine Ric Albano Unreleased 08/08/08
 3. Rubicon Ric Albano Unreleased 03/01/09
 4. Princess of Pearl Avenue Ric Albano Unreleased 06/07/06
 5. 999 Escape Ric Albano Unreleased 11/03/08
 6. Tommy’s Got a Gun Ric Albano /
Hunter S. Thompson    
Unreleased 12/25/05
 7. Can’t Get My Mojo Risin’ Ric Albano Unreleased 07/02/09
 8. Ashes Ric Albano Unreleased* 10/09/08
 9. The Phoenix Ric Albano Imaginary Lines I     12/10/04
10. Good Friday Ric Albano Imaginary Lines I

11. Perfect Light Ric Albano Imaginary Lines I 06/23/04
12. Lorelei Ric Albano Imaginary Lines I 06/14/04
13. 33 Flames for Mary Ric Albano /
Ron Simasek
Imaginary Lines I

14. Anthem Ric Albano Imaginary Lines I 04/07/03
15. Donovan’s Dread Ric Albano Imaginary Lines I 05/17/05
16. Peace Ric Albano Imaginary Lines I 03/08/05
17. One Ric Albano Imaginary Lines I 08/03/04
Disc Two Writer(s) Previously Composed
 1. The Fool’s Overture     Ric Albano Imaginary Lines II 05/07/07
 2. She Said Ric Albano Imaginary Lines II 05/31/06
 3. Keep Doing What You Do Ric Albano Imaginary Lines II 03/10/06
 4. The Last Man to Walk Alone     Ric Albano Imaginary Lines II 02/28/06
 5. You Sure Were Fun Ric Albano Imaginary Lines II 12/19/05
 6. 33 Shots at Louis Ric Albano Imaginary Lines II 09/26/06
 7. Believe Ric Albano Imaginary Lines II 09/12/06
 8. A New Religion Ric Albano Imaginary Lines II 08/25/06
 9. The Cup Ric Albano Imaginary Lines II     03/02/06
10. The Old Man In the Sea Sue Kovaleski /
Ric Albano
Unreleased 03/17/06
11. Twilight of Innocence Ric Albano Unreleased 05/19/97
12. Here On the Beach Ric Albano Imaginary Lines II 04/20/06
13. Naked Ric Albano Imaginary Lines II

14. Deuce Ric Albano Unreleased 08/25/06
15. Half Hearted Ric Albano Unreleased 12/07/07
16. Long Way Home Ric Albano Imaginary Lines II 12/03/07